And we’re off!

The contract is signed. The commission is a reality. Now I have to sculpt the 7ft 5in sculpture of Sir Nigel Gresley in clay. Gulp.

My permanent studio is far too small and is on the first floor. The ceiling needs to be high. There needs to be sufficient space so I can stand back and view the sculpture properly. It needs decent light. It has to be secure with 24-hour access. It can’t get too hot, or the clay will dry. It needs to be within a 45 minute drive from home. And of course, not too expensive. I don’t want much!

My intensive searching reveals little that meets my criteria. But I am convinced I will find something. And I was right. It takes 5 weeks but I find the perfect temporary studio, thanks to a tip-off from a sculptor colleague.

IMG_2606 IMG_2604

Initially I need to use my imagination – it is dark, cold, crowded with another sculptor’s carvings and equipment. But it comes with a gorgeous view. Over the next few weeks it is transformed into the studio of my dreams.

It is cleared of all movables, just leaving the old piano, the pinball machine, and a rather large compressor. The floor is made of bricks and is very uneven. So family and friends come on my birthday to help build a sturdy raised wooden platform. What a birthday present!

P1020343 P1020351P1020355

The next step is to install new daylight strip lights and additional electrical sockets. And for finishing touches? Flowers. No studio is complete without them. Just saying.



One thought on “And we’re off!

  1. Hi Hazel,

    Brilliant news. You’ve been on my mind as a week ago today we celebrated the third anniversary of the opening of the Peace Garden. A few of us met with Keiko a member of the newly discovered Japanese local community and Marion a local councillor who with her team of volunteers tenaciously fought off local developers and challenged planning departments to save an outgrown Victorian primary school. It is now being developed as a wonderful all-age community centre a project ten years in the making, which we’d love to work with.

    But now to my main reason for writing-

    In response to your request – This is a long shot and I can immediately think of these issues- One- it’s probably not in your geographical range Two -parking costs an arm and a leg Three- getting Sir Nigel out?

    It could work for me because:- We’re off to North America to catch up with family and friends – we leave on 21st October and return on 11th Jan. Someone I know in the flat would be valuable for me. You can also live there and have it for what it costs me to run, plus gas and electricity -for as long as you need it.

    But I did want to offer you my flat in Fulham- where I recall we met once possibly twice to discuss Sadako when she was a maquette!

    In anticipation of your thoughts! Gill x

    Gill Branch Ty Gwyn Kiln Road Llanfoist Abergavenny. NP7 9NE Tel: 01873 855 499 MOB: 07855 200 132


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