Bronze of Sir Nigel Gresley for King’s Cross

I can now break the silence.

Firstly, in 2014, The Gresley Society commissioned me to produce a bronze maquette (or model) of Sir Nigel Gresley (1876-1941), the eminent railway engineer.

Secondly, they have now received permissions from English Heritage, Network Rail, and Camden Council, to site a 7ft 4inch sculpture of Sir Nigel Gresley, sculpted by yours truly, on the new Western Concourse at King’s Cross Station, London. The perfect location, adjacent to his former offices at King’s Cross.

Here are the three photo montages used for the Listed Building Consent application to Camden Council – they cleverly combine photos of the bronze maquette with photos of the approved location on the Concourse.

photo 2photo 1photo 1

This is a really exciting project for me. And it has been such a pleasure – and a great deal of fun – to work with The Gresley Society, who speak with such passion about this man, his engines and his engineering.

Now the fundraising commences – if you wish to support this initiative please see – every penny will help to mark the significant contribution of Sir Nigel Gresley by a perfectly-located statue.

See my next blog for why Sir Nigel is worthy of a statue, helped by the eloquent words of Andrew Dow, the Vice-Chairman of the Society.


2 thoughts on “Bronze of Sir Nigel Gresley for King’s Cross

  1. Dear Hazel,

    Many many congratulations from us! I can start breathing again and uncrossing my fingers and toes!!!! And very best wishes for it all! What a wonderful to launch 2016. I’m looking forward to reading your blogs as you go. Still looking forward to meeting up in London ….. when you can take a breather!

    Love Gill

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