Jennifleur – postscript from the sitter

I have very special memories of the sittings with my lovely sister, Jennifleur. Today I found this comment from her on my blog. I laughed out loud yet was truly touched. She is biased of course.

“Wow! What can I say? Hazel, you have been an absolutely pleasure to work with and when I say work, I mean work. All those coffees and mince pies, high percentage dark chocolate and the occasional satsuma… It was hard going. As for striking the pose, I only put my back out once and that was because apparently I am not as young as I used to be and indeed less flexible. However, me thinking I could hold a full arabesque was nothing short of amusing!

I have now had the great unveiling of Jennifleur who is at present gracing the sideboard in my sitting room, sporting a sumptuous green flecked scarf and designer sunglasses. I have already had my fingers rapped for being a tad disrespectful but what can I say? I have children! And, I must confess, Jennifleur looks simply gorgeous. For me it feels rather strange seeing this amazing piece of art which personifies succinct creativity, artistic prowess and excessive understanding of the subject, which also happens to be me.

Both of my sisters are professional artists but sadly they snaffled all the arty genes on offer. I was left with none but thank goodness I can appreciate art. Hazel, you are a wonderful sister and a truly gifted sculptor and before I reach for a bucket, will simply say a final thank you.”   

And thank you Jennifleur – until the next time….



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