Jennifleur – finalising the bronze

The bronze pour is done, the metalwork is done. Jennifleur is ready for checking. I find her glowing gold. Just a few little tweaks needed. My signature needs to be cleaned up and the edition number added. We check how the sculpture sits and adjustments are made. The granite base is drilled in readiness. Next stop is the bitterly cold patination room. Despite the cold, it’s a real pleasure to watch a skilled patinator at work, an artist himself. We talk about the desired colouring – I want a green with a touch of yellowy brown that can rub back to the bronze. This needs a hot patination process. The differing colouring chemicals are carefully applied with a brush, layer by layer, under the heat of a large blowtorch. The golden glow of Jennifleur transforms into a deeper brown. As more heat is applied, the surface bronze blushes red in places. Then the blues emerge, followed by greens, and then touches of yellowy browns. There is something I like about each layer of colour but we push on until we get to our desired patina. The final step is to fix the colour with layers of wax. By now it’s late, and I’m rigid with cold. Jennifleur is mounted on the granite base and packed up for the journey home. Tomorrow the photographing begins.



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