Sculpting at Dorich House – postscript 3

While ‘Mercy’ is being cast in bronze, I want to also cast a plaster version. I love bronze. But I also love plaster. Not straight out of the mould, but once I have worked on the surface. I’m not so keen on casting plaster myself though. I’m at the studio. I have all the equipment around me. I grow grumpy. Procrastinate terribly. Finally I concede that nobody else is miraculously going to do it for me. I have run out of excuses and time. I have to just get on and do it. True to form I make a real mess – of me, the mould, the floor. Even Kaiser the dog gets a dusting of plaster.

I leave the plaster in the mould overnight. Will I have to re-cast? The next morning I carefully unscrew the fibreglass jacket of the mould and ease out the plaster sculpture still encased in the rubber mould. The moment of truth. Carefully I peel away the rubber. Two ears. One nose. Mercy’s in one piece. This looks promising. Clearly there is work to be done. The effects of trapped air bubbles and some ‘stepping’ of the mould need to be rectified. But no need to re-cast. Phew. Time to clear up the mess I’ve made.



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