Sculpting at Dorich House – postscript 2

Up to the Docklands again. It has been under two weeks and Bronze Age Sculpture Casting Foundry has already made the mould of ‘Mercy’ and cast the wax. I am here to do the final work on the green wax version of the sculpture. Everything that I see here in wax, will be perfectly matched in the bronze – down to my very finger-prints. So getting this right, is important. I join their team in the wax room, rummage around for tools and start work. I am always a little nervous when starting to work in the wax but soon forget everything but the wax surface. photo(23)photo(20)Are there any holes to fill? Are the eyes even?

The Foundry has cast the whole sculpture, including the clay underneath. I leave them to cut off the excess. My confidence doesn’t run to using hot knives to cut large areas – yet. We work together on getting the pose right. They make a wax ‘lug’ so that it will also be cast in bronze. This will be what we use to fix the sculpture to the base. And what keeps the sculpture at the correct angle, maintaining the ‘pose’.

Before I know it, three hours have passed and I need to stop fiddling and get back on the road. photo(24) photo(25)As I am going to cast a plaster version of Mercy this week, I load the mould into the car. The next time I see Mercy, she will be in bronze. Then the fun begins. Time for colouring the bronze.


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