Sculpting Jennifleur


You would think that I would know my sister’s face so well, that it would all be a breeze. But I find I have to discover her face as if I am looking at her for the first time. If you had asked me before, what she looked like, I would have perhaps only mentioned the uptilted nose and the expressive eyebrows and an elegance that I fail to possess.

If you had asked whether she looked like me or any other family member, I would have said “not really”. Curiously, as the portrait progresses I see different members of my family flittering in and out of the portrait – my grandad, my dad, my mum, my elder sister, and even me.

We have now spent many happy hours in my studio. Much chattering, laughing, snacking and coffee-drinking. And even sculpting. I know I will look back at this as a very special time. And the portrait is now definitely Jennifleur.

So this is the start of the photo story of the portrait of Jennifleur. Here she is with the armature at our first sitting at the end of November 2012.

Jennifleur & the armature
Jennifleur & the armature

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