‘Adam Kirkham’ – the photographing

‘Adam Kirkham’ is finally ready. The plaster has been rubbed down and patinated. The sculpture has been mounted on a stone base. Submission to the Society of Portrait Sculptors’ FACE2012 exhibition is initially by photographs only. It is only if you get through this stage that you need to cart your sculptures up to London, to be judged by a panel of portrait sculptors. Getting good photos of sculptures is quite an art, with a bit of science thrown in. My excellent one-to-one session with the photographer Jerry Lebens in October 2011 serves me well (http://www.jerrylebens.com/arts-crafts). I set up my living room as my photography studio. Props that serve me well are: a plinth, a black cloth over the door, an adjustable spotlight, tracing paper and a camera tripod. I have just counted – I took over 100 photos before I had three photos I was happy to submit. I still have a lot to learn though about photographing sculpture, but this is a decent start.

Adam Kirkham view 1