Casting ‘Ibu sleeps’

What happened to the mould of ‘Ibu sleeps’ I was struggling with? Sore point. I try every glue, every tape and sticky thing, with no luck. Finally I decide I just need to try and cast it. As a last resort I use some thickening plaster to seal the rip on the rubber. At least this saves the plaster pouring straight down in-between the mould and the jacket. I make bowl after bowl of plaster. Perhaps I should have tried making a bucket of plaster, but didn’t want to risk it. So I use the same technique as with ‘Elfan’ and ‘Contemplation’.  This time I place the mould in the large black bucket as I am sure the plaster will leak out. Actually, it wasn’t as bad as feared. As I got to the last bowl of plaster, near the neck of the sculpture, I pour it in. But as it started to thicken I scooped it up around the lip of the mould. This was the only way to cover this final section of the mould.

'Ibu sleeps' - rebuilding her back with plaster
'Ibu sleeps' - rebuilding her back with plaster

By this time I am tired, hungry and grumpy. I can’t bear the thought of having to cast this sculpture again. Nervously I wait. Two hours later I finally get up the guts to open up the mould. Takes a while to coax the plaster sculpture out. The rubber mould, despite careful handling, is splitting in various place. But at least the plaster cast is pretty good all things considered. Yes, the back of the neck is concave as expected, but it could be worse. So I mix up a small bowl of plaster and sit ‘Ibu sleeps’ on a bean bag in the sink. Finally the plaster is lovely and thick and I smear it on her neck/back. As it sets I use a metal tool to scrape it back a little.

Even though I had decided to leave further cleaning up of the sculpture until the morning, I can’t resist picking out bits of blue rubber that are stuck to the plaster and scraping off the seams here and there. Will carry on tomorrow with ‘Ibu sleeps’ as well as ‘Elfan’ and ‘Contemplation’. Time now for food and a bath.

'Ibu sleeps' - just out of the mould
'Ibu sleeps' - just out of the mould

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