Adam’s head: the mounting

Adam - checking angle of studding
Adam - checking angle of studding

I am happy with the finish of Adam’s head. The wash of tea and subsequent sanding-down has left a satisfying finish in terms of colour, and to the touch. Next stage is to mount the sculpture. It’s much more straightforward than mounting Robert’s head. The pose of Adam’s head is straight ahead and the plaster sculpture is relatively light. I check that the studding is at the right angle. Rather than using a vice, we drill a hole in a sculpture stand and insert the studding. I take a few photos but can see that it’s sitting nicely. Again, Andrew has done a good job here.

I have a series of life-size plaster heads on sandstone bases so decide to continue in this vein. I have a spare piece of stone with a hole drilled just where I need it. This is fortunate as I don’t have the equipment to cut through the stone. The studding will be too long for the stone base so Andrew gets out the hack-saw and cuts it down to a good size. I try the head on the base. It isn’t sitting quite right – I mark with a pencil what further plaster needs to be scraped off to even it out. Adam’s head is back in the sink on the beanbag as I ‘riffle’ off the excess plaster. It now sits nicely on the base.  I tighten the nut/washer. It’s now ready for its turn on the plinth for photographing.


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