So what’s been happening to Robert?

Robert - the final rub down
Robert – the final rub down

Robert is back in the sink. The application of tea means the surface of the plaster has turned cream and the crevices are nicely stained tea-brown. I first pour water over his head, ensuring he is soaked. Then use the finest Wet and Dry sandpaper. It helps to have a bowl of soapy warm water next to you. I soak the paper before using it then rinse the paper back in the water. This final rub down enhances the contrast between the high points and crevices. Must say that as Robert’s head is so large and heavy, it is quite hard to work on. But it is still engrossing. The radio is on in the background, but I couldn’t tell you what I have been listening to. The high points of the sculpture, such as the cheek bones, are feeling silky-smooth. Nice. Time for bed. Next step? Mounting and photographing.


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