Tea with Robert

Next stage? Time for tea. Robert’s head is still in the sink on that beanbag. Have done the main wet sanding – from coarse grain to the finest grain. The surface of the sculpture is now ‘responding’. Not sure how to explain this. But gone is the matt glare of the fresh plaster. But there is still too much white light bouncing around, making it difficult to ‘read’ the face.  I want to take back the brightness of the plaster a little. People use different methods. I like using a cuppa tea. Making sure the plaster head is wet, I use a paintbrush to apply the tea. And no, I don’t know whether different types of tea make a difference. I just use what I have to hand. This time, nice organic decaf tea. One bag thereof. Boiling water. Once the tea has soaked in, the surface of the plaster yellows and the nooks and crannies take on a deeper tone. I love this look – it ages the piece, giving it a more traditional demeanour. The next stage will be to rub this back a little with the finest Wet & Dry paper, to exaggerate the difference between the depths. Now time to start dealing with Adam’s portrait.

Robert with his cuppa tea

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