Tutoring Portrait Sculpture at Phoenix Brighton

Sculpting paraphernalia
Sculpting paraphernalia

Is tutoring easy? Decide for yourself. About to start – 11.30 this morning – teaching portrait sculpture at the Phoenix Brighton. Will blog as the five days go by. People who have never taught seem to think it is easy and definitely not a physically demanding activity. Well if you are one of these people, come and load up my car for me next time. Suspension is low with 11 bags of 12.5kg clay, model’s adjustable chair, 8 wooden armatures (or ‘bust-pegs’), two bags of books, trolley of tools including calipers and spray bottles, and other paraphernalia needed for teaching such as coloured sticky dots and a skull. And not forgetting the supplies of tea, coffee, sugar, biccies and my cafetiere. You can’t be in a teaching environment without coffee. Now have to drive down there and unload. But at least I will have help. Hopefully the tables will have been removed from the studio and the newly made/bought sculpture stands will be in situ. Looking forward to this teaching – it’s a ‘continuing’ course. Means I  know all of the students. No beginners. All bar one has been taught by me. And the Phoenix Brighton is a great creative environment to teach in. Time to jump into the car.


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