Robert Newton breakfasting

Up working on Robert Newton’s plaster head until 11pm last night. Head still wedged in the sink on the beanbag. Most of the clay clinging to the plaster has now been scrubbed off. Been sanding down the head with Wet and Dry sandpaper. Where the two halves of the cast have been joined there is a bit of work needed to smooth down the ‘seams’. But Andrew Brown has done a great job. Chatted to him last night. The size of the sculpture was a bit of a challenge – but the main problem was the looseness of the sculpting at the lower-end of the sculpture. Getting the rubber into the nooks and crannies. Last night I focused on looking for holes and cracks. Mixed small amount of plaster in the lid of a jar. Applied with a small paintbrush and/or my finger. So this morning, with improved light, I have been inspecting my work. Just spotted another crack at the corner of the mouth so filled that. But as you can see from the photo – I was multi-tasking.

"Robert Newton"
Robert Newton breakfasting

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