Adam’s portrait in plaster

The next stage commences. Trundled over to Partridge Green last night to pick up Adam Kirkham’s portrait. Now cast in plaster, it takes on a different feel compared to the brown clay. The plaster is still damp. The surface is dull and matt. Being life-size, working on it will be rather easier than Robert Newton’s over life-size portrait. But room only for one in the kitchen sink. So need to oust Robert’s head so can make a start on cleaning-up Adam’s plaster head. Will be looking for any small holes or any superficial cracking that needs filling. I am already thinking of how I will mount the portrait. I have checked that the metal threaded pole (or ‘studding’) is at the right angle. I also know that the bottom of the sculpture needs to be sanded down so the portrait will sit properly on any plinth. And importantly, been to buy more metal nuts to fit the studding and extra supplies of Wet and Dry sand paper. The magic begins.

"Adam Kirkham"
Fresh out of the mould

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