Adam Kirkham – from armature to finished clay sculpture

Photos track my progress on Adam Kirkham’s portrait sculpture – from the making of the armature (or support) to the final tweaks in the clay. In readiness for the Society of Portrait Sculptors’ Masterclass I had to make a very specific armature. This is a more complex support structure than I would normally use. It consists of a wooden ‘bust-peg’ with a metal structure made from aluminium armature wire. Must admit it took a while to make but the tutor – Etienne Millner, the President of the Society – was rather impressed with my effort. I got a few strange looks on the train and a few questions from the curious.  Our model was Adam Kirkham – a London-based contemporary dancer. Ten of us spent three days sculpting Adam. Exhausting yet exhilarating. Once the portrait was back in the studio I did a few more tweaks to lighten the feel of his hair. Then off to have the mould made and for it to be cast in plaster. Here are the photos documenting the process so far:

"Adam Kirkham"
Final portrait in clay

2 thoughts on “Adam Kirkham – from armature to finished clay sculpture

  1. Is very beatiful, but the “white” one, the final one is a “patina” on the clay, or baked clay, or plaster/chalk from a negative ?

    thank you !

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